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Appomattox Moose Lodge Nov. 1st Results

Thanks to the large crowd that came out to The Appomattox Moose Lodge to see an exciting show and our last show for this year .

BWF Tag Team Champions Beef & Billy Gibbs electrified our audience with a hard fought and fast paced match against Simply Perfect Mike Williams & T.L. Shocker. The Champs prevailed and kept their titles once again!!

Semi Main Event action saw Johnny Blast defeat a tough opponet in Sultan Ali with Sahara at his side.

The Suicide Blondes Tommy Ace & Bruiser Graham defeated Tommy Justice & his partner Ric Kelly in another hard fought and brutal match. Could we see The Suicide Blondes going for the Tag Team Titles?

The Fugitive came out on top as he beat Sterling Williams.

Dustin Daniels defeated Kayden Phoenix with Kiara. Although Kiara did get in a few licks of her own while the Ref's back was turned Daniels came out victorious.

Our opening match was a ladies match as BWF Ladies Champion Tiffany pinned Kiara with Kayden Phoenix at her side in possibly the shortest match ever. Special Referee Jimmy "Boogie Woogie" Valiant was involved with Phoenix as Tiffany got the quick win! However after the match Valiant stripped Tiffany of the BWF Unified Title she had won in Brookneal. The reason was she could not hold 2 Championship Belts at one time. "Picture Perfect" Mike Williams was awarded The BWF Unified Champioship Title as he was the previous Champion.

Brookneal Va. Oct. 18th  Results

The large crowd that attended our show at The Brookneal Fire Dept. saw an action packed  hard hitting show with some surprises!!

The BWF now has a new BWF Unified Champion. Mike Williams lost his belt to The BWF Ladies Champ Tiffany!!! That's right Tiffany was the mystery challenger and with a liitle help from "Superstar" Scotty Rocker she defeated Mike Williams by pinfall to capture the title.

In the Semi Main Event Beef and Billy Gibbs hung on to their BWF Tag Team Titles by defeating The Fugitive and "Simply Shocking" T.L. Shocker in a hard hitting brawl that kept the fans on their feet.

Two local wrestlers butted heads as "The Mayor" Larry Ennis defeated "Mr. X" Bill Campbell.

The Suicide Blondes Bruiser Graham and Tommy Ace were in action as they fought a hard battle and came up on the winning end as they beat Tommy Justice and "Showcase" Ric Kelly with Sultan Ali.

Six Man Tag Team action opened things up as Children of Revolution (Todd Austin, Shawn Cruz, Karl) defeated David House, Sterling Williams, Kayden Phoenix with Kiara. Of course COR had help from Kayden Phoenix who turned on his 2 partners and revealed that he was still a member of COR!

Results from our Meherrin show Oct. 11th

Thanks to the great crowd that came to see our show in Meherrin!

In the Main Event BWF Ladies Champion Tiffany along with Midget Wrestler Mini Cena defeated The Fugitive and Kenzo by pinfall.

Semi Main Event saw Bruiser Graham and "Wildthang" Tommy Ace reunite as The Suicide Blondes getting a big win over Tommy Justice and Sultan Ali.

Beef & Billy Gibbs successfully defended their BWF Tag Team Titles by defeating T.L. Shocker and his partner Stan Lee.

In other action: Dustin Daniels defeated Jesse James Young by pinfall.

The Children of the Revolution (Todd Austin & Shawn Cruz w/ Karl) defeated Kayden Phoenix & David House w/ Kiara.

The Opening match saw "Showcase" Ric Kelly defeat Robbie Lynn by pinfall.


Results from our Farmville fair show Sept. 6th

Hey fans!!  Thanks to everyone who came out to see great BWF action at the farmville fair!

Eugene and Bruiser Graham with Jimmy Valiant  def. Simply Perfect

Tommy Justice def. Drake Tungsten

 Beef and Billy Gibbs def. Dustin Daniels and The Fugitive  and remain BWF Tag team champion

Children of Revolution def. David House, Troy Long, Jesse James

Miss Tiff w/ Kira def. Anna Khonnda and Kendra to retain the BWF Womens Champions

 Ric Kelly def. Sterling Williams


Rustburg Rumble VI

Saturday, June 28th 2008

 We had over 250 fans in attendance! And what a show our great fans witnessed! Here is the results"

First Match was a Battle Royal for the BWF Heavyweight. Twenty Nine of our superstars took to the ring to see who could stand the heat. In the end Picture Perfect Mike Williams became BWF's New Heavyweight Champ!

Second Match was a 3 way tag team challenge. Loose Cannon Shawn Cruz and Tommy Justice vs. Mr. X and John Stone vs. "High Stakes" David House and Larry Ennis. David House and Larry Ennis defeated the other two teams to take the win.

Third Match: A Tag team challenge Match:
Dustin Daniels with Sultan Ali vs. Ric Kelly and Kayden Pheonix with Kira
Ric Kelly and Kayden Pheonix won by disqualification when the Fugitive and Daniels brought a chain into the match.

Fourth Match:  A Grudge Match
Bruiser Graham and Scotty Rocker with Mr. Blackstone vs. Frank Parker and Troy Long. Bruiser Graham and Scotty Rocker took the win.

We had our first ever double main event!!

Fifth Match: BWF Women's Champ Miss Tiff and Mini Cena vs. Anna Khonda and Kenzo with Jody V. With Special Referree Jimmy Valiant  Miss Tiff proved why she is our Women's Champ as she and Mini Cena defeated Anna Khonda and Kenzo.

Six Match For the Tag Team Titles: Tag Team Champs Simply Perfect Mike Williams and T.L. Shocker with J.R. Wallstreet vs. The Challengers Beef and Billy Gibbs. Beef and Billy showed Simply Perfect just what they were made of when they defeated them to become new Tag Team Champs!

We appreciate all of the fans in attendance we thank you for your support! Our Next show will be September 6th at the Farmville Fair Grounds we have a great show in store for you and we welcome former WWE Superstar Eugene! Come see him in action! We will see you there the show!!


Appomattox Summer Bash

Saturday,  May 31st  2008

The Appomattox show was a great. We hope all you fans that came by had as much fun as we did. We would like to think the 205 of our fans in attendance for making this show a success.

The results are as follows
1st match: Kayden Pheonix and Sterling Williams defeated Dustin Daniels and the Fugitive

2nd match: High Stakes David House and Jesse James Young defeated Carl and Loose Cannon Shawn Cuz

3rd match: Bruiser Graham pinned Picture Perfect Mike Williams

4th match: Billy Gibbs beat Tommy Justice

5th match Miss Tiff keeps the lady's title against Molly McShane

6th Main Event Cow bell match with Jimmy Valiant special referee: Beef defeats Frank Parker.


Blackstone Bash VI

April, 5th 2008

At our April 5th show at Nottoway High School we had a crowd of over 400 in attendance. And they were a lively bunch just like we like them the results for that show was as follows:

Battle Royal with over 20 of our superstars: Mr. Blackstone won by eliminating Scott Raines

Bruiser & Miss Tiff vs. Dominatrix & Fuzzy Bass accompanied by Sultan Ali: Bruiser and Tiff got the win!

Dustin Daniels vs. The Fugitive: Dustin over came The Fugitive and won the match

Billy Gibbs and Beef defeated Frank"the tank" Parker and Ric Kelly in nonstop tag team action

Tag Team Titles: Simply Perfect (Mike Williams & T.L. Shocker) beat the South Side Playas to become the holders of the BWF Tag Team Titles

Ricky Morton vs. Bobby Eaton with Lucky Johnson (Jimmy Valiant Special Referee): Ricky Morton beat Bobby Eaton after one awesome match

Thanks to all of our fans in attendance!


Prince Edward After Prom Party Fundraiser!!

We had a great turn out at this non stop action show! We love our fans. And if you attendend you got the opportunity to see our very own Lucky Johnson strut around in a dress! If you missed it we are sorry. Here are the results of the matches.

1. "Southern Gentleman" Fuzzy Bass vs. Bruiser Graham: winner Bruiser Graham

2. Our Second Match was for the BWF Ladies Championship the loosing Ladie’s manager had to wear a dress. Dominatrix with Lucky Johnson vs. Miss Tiff with Mr. Blackstone: Miss Tiff kept her belt and well... Lucky ended up in the dress. Wasn’t he pretty?

3. Matt Terra vs. "The Showcase" Ric Kelly accompanied to the ring by Leslie Paige: winner Ric Kelly

4. The Fourth Match was for the BWF Tag Team Titles. We introduced a new tag team, The Sunworshippers. They went up against our champs The South Side Playas. The South Side playas kept their belt and proved they can take on the new and the old and remain champs.

5. Our fifth match had no time limit as "Picture Perfect" Mike Williams and Simply Shocking T.L. Shocker accompanied by Jody V took on Beef and Billy Gibbs I am sure Shocker and Mike were simply shocked when they lost against Beef and Gibbs.

6. Our Main Event took Frank "the tank" Parker up against Former WWE Champion Demolitian Ax. It was quite the match in the end it was a demolition in deed as Demolition Ax demolished Frank Parker.

Don’t forget that our next show this weekend Blackstone Bash VI will be held in the Nottoway High School Gym. Bell time is at 8:00 and doors open at 6:00. We will have one half of the Rock-n-Roll Express Ricky Morton and also one half of the Midnight express Bobby Eaton. Also WWE Hall of Famer Handsome Jimmy Valient will be there. Both the Ladies Title and the Tag Team Titles will go on the line. So come on out and see us you will surely be entertained!


Results from the Buckingham Show and some sad news

Buckingham Show

Saturday, Feb. 2nd 2008

  We would like to think the hundreds of fans that were in attendance for making our show a success.

1. Ric Kelly & K.C. Thunder vs. The Suicide Blondes: after poking a little fun at Ric Kelly & K.C. Thunder The Suicide Blondes (Bruiser Graham and Tommy "wild thing" Ace) overcame their opponents and took the win.

2. Miss Tiff & Kayden Pheonix accompanied by Mr. Blackstone vs. Tara Simmons & The Sunworshipper accompanied by Lucky Johnson: Kayden Pheonix dominated the beginning of the match overcoming both Tara and The Sunworshipper but it was Miss Tiff that actually got them the win and she retained her title as BWF Women's Champion

3. Billy Gibbs vs. T.L. Shocker: Billy Gibbs took control of this match from the beginning Shocker attempted to fight back but ultimately lost the match and went away with nothing but a limp.

4. "Picture Perfect" Mike Williams vs. Beef: Beef entered the ring as BWF Unified champ unfortunately he did not exit the ring the same. Mike Williams with the help of T.L. Shocker won the match and was crowned BWF Unified Champion

5. The Southside Playas vs. Drake Tungsten and Hugh B. Johnson: This was a rather back and forth match as both teams were dominate at different parts of the match, In the end though, Drake and Hugh B. got played by the Playas

6. Ricky Morton vs. Scotty Rocker: Rocker although injured sent his team (Shocker and Mike Williams) to the back to give this match his all. Although Rocker gave Morton all he had he ultimately lost. After the loss Mike Williams and T.L. Shocker jumped their old friend Scotty Rocker from behind. BWF Commissioner Woody Loveday then stood up and proclaimed that Mike Williams would have to put his title on the line against Rocker in a match to start immediately. In a suprisingly quick finish Scotty Rocker got the pin and became the new BWF Unified Champion.